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One more kiss....before we die.....

24 September
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  • chlamydia_kills@livejournal.com
I used to care about alot of stupid shit on livejournal.
Then I went away for 2 years...
I no longer care about:
Rating communities, srsly, I find it SO funny that I used to pimp myself out and cared if 10 people thought I was attractive, smart, creative, uber-whatever enough to be "accepted" apparently I had no self esteem then. I do now. And I do not desire to have anyones acceptance but my own, and well... maybe hubbys.. but his is optional.
Flame wars, while fun to watch are about as stupid as it gets. I wont get involved because I just dont care enough.
Lots has changed, lots has stayed the same.
I still suck, only difference now is I dont care if you think I do.

I am married, have a baby girl who is the universe to me, a teenage son who thinks he is the center of the universe, and I work with elderly and mh/mr persons.
My life is ... amusing...